Nature resources

√ Relief

Its location on the bank of the Danube with considerable area with light slopes means that the relief of the City of Smederevo does not represent the limitating factor of space utilization. The exceptions are unstable terrains on the Danube bank and the ones with erosions.

The best geomorphological conditions for the development of industry, agriculture and settlment are on the alluvial planes of large rivers, on their mild valley sides and on tops of elevated areas between river valleys. The City territory is clearly divided to the rivers Great Morava and Ralja valley bottoms and lower flow of the Konjska River and higher area in the central and western part of the City of Smederevo.


The main hydrographic characteristic of the City of Smederevo is the presence of two major rivers, the Danube and Great Morava. The flow of the Danube is 20 km long creating thus the northern City border, while Great Morava is the eastern border.  Hydrographically, the major part of the City territory belongs to Great Morava basin. In the alluvial planes of Morava and Danube, there is enough water, but the most serious problem is its quality, not quantity. The Danube has the flow of 5490 m³/s, and Great Morava 260 m³/s.


The City of Smederevo covers 48,170 ha. The land of better quality can be found on the higher and porous terrains along the bottom of the valley of the Great Morava valley and on the lower and flatter terrains of Šumadija hills. Lower quality land lies closer to Great Morava and on the terrains with larger inclines in the western part of the City. It can be concluded that the area of the City of Smederevo belongs to the most fertile ones in Serbia. The best quality land of the first and second class makes 15.8% out of the total area,  the third and the fourth makes 64.3% of the land, that is, two thirds of the territory of the City of Smederevo is an exceptionally valuable agrarian potential.

Natural resources of Smederevo are convenient for agriculture and comprise 80.59% of the surface area which is above average for the Republic of Serbia.

Mineral potentials

Considerable accumulations of young sediments create worth development potential. Regarding   mineral raw material, there are confirmed deposits of lowcalory coal, clay, gravel and sand. In surface layers,  there are substantial reserves of gravel, sand and clay and they represent one of the largest deposits in this part of Serbia. On higher hilly terrains of Šumadija, there are also reserves of building stone.

Forest potential

Woods occupy 5% of the total territory , which is much lower in comparison with republic (26%), or regional value (23%). Total area under woods and woodland is 2,391.08 ha. Woods in private property occupy 2006.02 ha. Woods on the territory of the City of Smederevo belong to the area of wide-spread climatogene wood with different types of oak.