Geographical position (Location)

 Smederevo is positioned at 40.39° northern latitude and 20.57° eastern longitude. It is located in the northeast part of the Republic of Serbia, on the second largest European river Danube. It is only 46 kilometers far from the capital, Belgrade.

Main potential of the City of Smederevo is its very characteristic microposition, that is, exceptionally favourable geotraffic location between two European corridors – the land one X – the highway, and the water one – VII – the Danube.
This advantage should be exploited to the maximum from the local viewpoint.

The City of Smederevo occupies mildly ruffled lowland of the southern edge of Pannonian Basin in the furthest northeast part of Šumadija. The territory of the City of Smederevo belongs to the Danube Basin and to the lower Morava River Basin. It spreads immediately before the confluence of Great Morava and the Danube, whereas by its major part it belongs (in hydrographic sense) to the Great Morava Basin.

The total surface area of the City of Smederevo is 481.7 km².

The most important, and exceptionally favourable natural advantage of Smederevo in comparison to other neighbouring cities but also with others in Danubian Region is actually the strategically most convenient geographical – traffic location since it possesses the northernmost port which can host the Black Sea ships. Downstream from Smederevo, there is the bridge of Kovin which is the last connection with the left bank of the river Danube before the Hydroelectric Power Station
’Đerdap 1’ .

According to the Spatial Plan of the Republic of Serbia adopted in 1996, Smederevo is a regional center and is located at the meeting place of two priority belts planned for intensive development (Sava-Danube and Danube-Great Morava), and there is a plan to profile it as a riverport and as a multimodal traffic hub.